Feel Confident in Your Skin Just in Time for Summer With Microneedling

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Summer fun is upon us, and in the Phoenix area, this might mean a hike along the Lost Dog Wash Trail, a hot air balloon ride, a delicious dinner with friends, or just hanging out by the pool

Even though you have the energy and desire to do these cool things and more, you may not feel like facing the world if your skin is showing signs of aging and just not looking that fresh.

One highly effective skin rejuvenator that Dr. Anthony Aghenta offers here at GhentMD Integrative Health & Wellness Clinic is microneedling. It’s popular with our patients because it delivers results, is a comfortable procedure, and creates a youthful appearance by working in conjunction with your body’s own systems.

How does microneedling work?

Microneedling improves the skin’s appearance by stimulating it to produce collagen and elastin, the proteins in your body that give your skin its elasticity. As we celebrate more birthdays, collagen and elastin production slow down and our skin doesn’t renew itself so quickly.

When you get a microneedling procedure, Dr. Aghenta applies a roller device with many tiny needles on it to your face, which makes many minute punctures. These tiny wounds stimulate your skin to produce more collagen and elastin.  

Why is microneedling better than other treatments?

Microneedling is more than just the latest fad to soon pass off the scene of facial skin rejuvenation. There are many reasons you should consider microneedling, including:

What skin issues can microneedling solve?

Microneedling alleviates a host of skin problems, from reducing the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles to softening acne and other scars.

It’s also effectively treats treating broken capillaries, minimizes large pores, and evens out hyperpigmentation, or discolorations caused by the sun, acne, and other conditions.

Microneedling can even address problems that are not facial, like stretch marks.

Will my microneedling treatment hurt?

No! Everyone on Dr. Aghenta’s team ensures that you are comfortable during the procedure, which lasts 30-60 minutes. First, we clean your skin thoroughly and apply a topical numbing cream that takes about 15 minutes to take effect. This means that when Dr. Aghenta uses the microneedling tool on your face, you might feel mild vibrations, but that’s it.

After he applies the treatment evenly on your face, you’re done. As for side effects, they’re mild if you experience any at all. You might have a bit of sensitivity or redness, but that disappears quickly, within a day or so.

Some peeling is also typical at about 3-5 days post-treatment. It’s best to avoid the sun; but if you do go outside, sunscreen and a big hat are your best bets to protect your face during this period.

When can I expect to see a Difference in my skin?

You’ll notice improvement within a few days, and it takes several weeks for the full effects of the treatment to be noticeable. You’ll be impressed with each passing day, with how your skin renews itself before your eyes.

Be happy with the skin you’re in!

All of us at GhentMD Integrative Health & Wellness Clinic want you to seize the (summer) day with confidence about how you look. Microneedling is a great method to help you put your best face forward, no matter what the season.

Call us or book an online appointment to discuss how this easily tolerated, effective treatment can transform your skin.

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