How Your Hormones Affect Your Ability to Lose Weight

Have you been struggling to lose weight, but are frustrated by the lack of results? You may be doing everything right – dieting, exercising regularly – but just can’t seem to make the scale budge. The problem may not be what you’re doing at all. It could be related to your hormones.

An assessment with Dr. Anthony Aghenta at GhentMD PLLC in Gilbert, Arizona, can help determine whether your hormones are to blame for your inability to lose weight. If necessary, you can learn more about hormonal replacement therapy and other solutions to help get back to a healthy place.

How hormones and weight loss are linked

 Your hormones are responsible for many of your body’s functions, including weight gain and weight loss. If even one hormone is slightly out of whack, it can affect your weight loss journey no matter how diligently you diet or exercise. Here are just a few hormones that could be the culprits behind your weight loss struggle:


Insulin is produced in the pancreas and responsible for ushering glucose into your cells. Your insulin levels can spike if your body struggles to break down the sugars and starches in your food, which is detrimental to trying to lose weight. This is a condition known as “insulin resistance.”


Otherwise known as an “appetite hormone,” ghrelin increases if you don’t get enough food. Though it may seem like a good idea to eat less when you’re trying to lose weight, this actually increases ghrelin levels, causing your body to revolt in defense – enabling you to eat more when you do eat. The cycle of eating bigger meals less frequently is counter-productive to weight loss. You may want to ask Dr. Aghenta to see if your ghrelin is out of balance.


Depriving your body of food slows your thyroid function, along with your metabolism. This makes it harder to digest your meals and makes the process take longer, which can hinder weight loss. Many people who struggle to lose weight have some type of issue with their thyroid, which affects almost every aspect of your health.

Learn more about hormones and their connection to weight loss

If you are concerned about how your hormones are affecting your ability to lose weight or have other concerns about your overall health, you can reach Dr. Aghenta by calling 480-400-7510. You can also book an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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