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Do you want a low-maintenance approach to giving yourself a much higher level of increased sexual pleasure? Additionally, these treatments have demonstrated effectiveness in addressing issues of stress-related incontinence that can take the form of leaking urine after sneezing or laughing, so now you too can take charge of your sexual health while enjoying superior intimacy and improved sexual functioning.

Finally, there are modern, cutting-edge solutions, like Zimmer (, designed to give you a healthier and more satisfying sex life.  Introducing exciting new non-invasive forms of treatment that can channel your natural growth processes to increase your overall sexual health.


Your sexual health is an important factor in your overall quality of life, and now you can give your sexuality the boost it deserves with this uncomplicated and pain-free sequence of orgasm promoting and pleasure capacity enhancing shots. 

By using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) taken from the patient’s own blood mixed with other growth factors, the solution is skillfully injected into your system. This could be the solution for you. 

This integrative approach is designed to treat sources of sexual dysfunction and enhance – desire, arousal, performance and orgasm.


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